Who is behind the mission to create the Best Place for Campers? To answer this question we would like to introduce you Team PiNCAMP.

45 Employees, 16 Nations, 1 Office in Berlin-Mitte

Who We Are

What is it that characterises us? We define our goals together in a Team, yet each of us has an extremely high degree of freedom in the implementation. We understand success as a Team effort, but each Colleague is responsible for achieving their goals. We speak English in the Team, but with 16 nations we are internationally positioned and enjoy this multicultural diversity. We work intensively and concentrated, but at the same time we find enough time for after-work drinks and our personal free-time. We are part of the ADAC, Europe's largest Automobile Club, but we are an agile, fast and number-driven Start-Up. Our Colleagues are experts in their respective fields, but nevertheless we encourage each other to become a little better every day. We have an open-door policy and avoid any form of ego hierarchy. We are Team PiNCAMP

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